Corporate Retreats

With Over 20 years Of Corporate Leadership And Education Experience, We Know How To Motivate Teams. 

With our focus on three R’s Reconnect, Recharge and Renew (as well as three R’s that you may be familiar with, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) we invite you to our beautiful secluded place in the woods to help your team  

Reconnect with each other, while they plan for your company’s future and learn new skills,  

Recharge in the beauty of nature and,  

Renew creative pursuits as they become a stronger more collaborative team. 

It starts with building strong relationships between your team members. Given the right environment, they find similar goals, form bonds, build trust, and develop a shared vision.  Your company will benefit from a renewed sense of enthusiasm as team members want to help each other achieve their dreams together. New levels of collaboration and investment in the vision of your organization will propel your team to tackle any goal, overcome any obstacle. Employees are more engaged if they believe they have a say in the company’s goals and objectives – use your corporate retreat to give everyone in your leadership team the opportunity to have a stake in your success. 

Our corporate leadership and team building events are custom designed to meet the objectives of your organization. 


We Start By Understanding Your Goal For
The Event

Are you trying to facilitate better working relationships? Rebrand your organization and develop a new vision? Rewarding your team and building stronger bonds? Is there a new skill your team needs to learn?  

Work with our team to establish your goals and we will build a customized retreat that focuses on your objectives and within your budget. 

Building the Event Agenda 

Once goals are established, we build out an agenda with the right components: 

  • The Right Agenda. We will help you review the team being engaged, combined with your goals for the retreat, and plan an agenda with the right mix and level of activity, downtime, work, and play to make the time enjoyable for everyone! 
  • Have you done this before? – what worked and what didn’t? Let us help you design the best experience possible. 
  • Determine length and activities – let us customize a schedule that works within your requirements for the length of time, training you need to accomplish, work to be incorporated, and time for fun and downtime. 
  • How much tech do you need? Or don’t need?   We have high-speed fiber-optic up here in the remote WNC mountains, so you are connected if you want to be. Our 3200 square foot space has a large screen television to connect to your devices for display. 
  • How do you want to configure the space for your activities?  Our beautiful space is vaulted and open with scenic views of the mountains. You can use our ample open area and loft for a large standard corporate meeting space or do more collaborative small break out spaces throughout the building.  Rearrange and have downtime meals together, creative activities or other social gatherings. We have an assortment of tables and chairs to meet your needs.  We have a prep kitchen, a cozy gas fireplace area, fun lighting, and an outdoor patio to take in the views. 

On Site Event Support 

Our team can support you, or we can provide the space and get out of your way: 

  • Experienced teachers and corporate event hosts are available to facilitate events or activities 
  • Our  resident professional photographer can document your event 
  • We can give you access to all you need and leave you to it, or our team can help set up the space for your various activities throughout your time with us 

30 acres of beautiful WNC nature to explore: 

  • Easy and more challenging walking, running or hiking trails available on the property 
  • Indoor and outdoor common gathering spaces 
  • Sports equipment available 

We offer our own series of classes and activities you can incorporate for the creative breakouts:  

  • Sustainability Concepts – Learn Effective Cost-Saving Ideas  
  • Creative Classes – Photography, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Painting  
  • Nature Scavenger Hunts 
  • Archery  

Our Partners

We partner with other amazing people to provide inspiring things you can incorporate: 

  • Caterers to provide meals on site 
  • Health and Wellness – Reiki? Homeopathic medicine? Yoga? 
  • Creative Writing? 
  • Others? 

Off site activities can be arranged with limo services to area attractions: 

Linville Falls