Future Additions

Tiny Home


The future at Triple R Oasis is sustainable.  We’re in the process of adding tiny homes as cabins for our guests to stay; as well as, Earthships (radically sustainable buildings) and also a few cabins to fit with our mountain charm. We will also be providing rustic camping sites with an available bathhouse.  

Thank you Autumn Mott Rodheaver for image

“Kid Again” Camp

We invite grown-ups to rediscover their inner child with us while they hike, rest, play, create, and commune with the universe.  


Themed Camps

Choose your favorite theme- nature, art, or a more specialized theme on-demand like yoga, kung fu, creative writing, or natural healing. The possibilities are endless.  

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Family Camp

Join us for a weekend campout to reconnect with your loved ones as you lose the devices, take a hike, sing campfire songs, make s’mores and explore your creativity.


Corporate Retreats

It starts with building strong relationships between your team members. Given the right environment, they find similar goals, form bonds, build trust, and develop a shared vision.  Your company will benefit from a renewed sense of enthusiasm as team members want to help each other achieve their dreams together.  Employees are more engaged if they believe they have a say in the company’s goals and objectives – use your corporate retreat to give everyone in your leadership team the opportunity to have a stake in your success.