WEddingS & Receptions 

Come and share your big day with Triple R Oasis!

From DIY to full service, Triple R Oasis can help make your wedding perfect.  Customize our 3,200 sq. ft. venue, “The Renaissance” to bring your ideas to life. 

Also focusing on our three R’s Reconnect, Recharge and Renew (as well as three R’s that you may be familiar with, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) we invite you to our beautiful secluded place in the woods to:   

Reconnect, or connect In this case, by joining your two families together,

Recharge in the secluded beauty of nature and,  

Renew your vows to let everyone know just how much you both still love each other! 


What do you want on your Wedding Day?

Do you want a beautiful space for your wedding and to take care of all the arrangements yourself, and we just clean up?

Are you looking for for a full service event space with a crew of people at your disposal to help make your dream into a reality?

Triple R Oasis can help in either situation and with varying options in between. See below for more information on wedding packages!

Building the Wedding Agenda 

Once we know your vision, we will work with you to set up your event: 

  • Are you having the wedding and the reception with us? – How much of the event are we planning with you?                                                        
  • The Perfect Ceremony Explore our property and see just were the ceremony will take place. How many guests? What do you plan to use for a focal point behind the happy couple? Decor? Music? Tech? This part will take a bit of planning to have a ceremony that not only the special couple will remember for the rest of their lives, but also everyone in attendance.                                                                                  
  • Reception – Another “R.” Triple R Oasis has years of party planning experience. Just how much do you want to do? We can take it from the receiving line to the grand farewell. Catering? Full meal or Hors d’oeuvres? DJ or band? One toast or twenty? Dancing? Bouquet toss? Bon fire? Fireworks? Your dreams are our goals!
  • Our team can support you, or we can provide the space and get out of your way: 

    • Experienced event hosts are available to facilitate your events.
    • We can give you access to all you need and leave you to it, or our team can help set up the space for your activities throughout your time with us.
    •  Do you need a wedding coordinator? A photographer? Parking attendants? A shuttle service?

30 acres of beautiful WNC nature to explore: 

    • Easy and more challenging walking, running or hiking trails available on the property 
    • Indoor and outdoor common gathering spaces 
    • Outdoor seating and firepit just outside the main event space.

Wedding Packages

The best way for us to price is to understand what you need, a wedding is such a personal and customizable experience that we loved to talk with you! Scroll down to Contact Us Today!

  • Tier1 – Access to “The Renaissance” facility at an hourly rate with no assistance from our Triple R Oasis family.
  • Tier 2 – Above with Triple R Oasis wedding planner to help oversee your event. We start with your idea and walk you through the steps to a memorable event. Custom options can be added to make your event unique. 
  •  Tier 3 – Above plus, staff on hand the day of your event to help with all the “little things” that take up so much time on your big day. All the options and all the things can be part of your unforgettable day!


    Our Partners

    We partner with other amazing people to provide inspiring things you can incorporate:  

      • Caterers to provide a truly memorable wedding feast.
      • Florists to bring in amazing centerpieces, and don’t forget the boutiners and bridal bouquets.
      • An abundance of local wineries for the perfect pairing for your event.
      • Local bakers for a beautiful wedding cake or cakes.
      • DJ’s and or bands to set the right mood.
      • Photographers to document all the happy people.
      • Gifts for the bridal party and close family.
      • Lodging for you and your group.
      • Local artist to provide gifts or a special project. 
      • Rental companies for any tents or extra items. 







    Linville Falls